My name is Ryan and welcome to my website.

I am a father and weekend warrior that dabbles in whatever interests me. I was born and raised in the South Bay Area where I developed my passion for…well life to put it simply. I enjoy soccer, wakesurfing, jiu-jitsu, backpacking, snowboarding, DIY projects, fishing, and all sorts of music, film, food, and trying new things.

I received a BS in Applied Mathematics from SJSU in 2009 and have since been entrenched in the IT/computer science field. It was in college that I began moonlighting with Linux on my laptop after finally getting wifi to work (thanks to ndiswrapper). After my first brush with Linux, my self-education adventure has taken me through topics such as monitoring, scripting, automation, performance tuning, and load testing.

You can see some of the photos I’ve taken on my adventures in my gallery or peruse one of the projects I’ve posted about.

Want to talk? Please feel free to connect with me or shoot me an email.